Terms & Conditions

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Conditions for the sale of works

These Conditions are considered a binding contract between the parties, that is, between Valoratutalento.com. and the owner of the work (hereinafter artist / exhibitor), who expressly accepts. These conditions must be observed by the owners of any type of work, except for those who have works by prominent artists, whose conditions for the sale of works will be agreed individually. The artist / exhibitor will be considered a professional or entrepreneur, without maintaining any type of employment relationship with Valoratutalento.com.

Entrance of the Artist / Exhibitor to the Portal

The artist / exhibitor must pay an entrance fee to the portal which will be well displayed in the site's wallet for each work that is entered. The material sent will be studied by other artists who will determine its quality and value so that they will be accepted or rejected for entry into the Virtual Gallery. In the event that the material sent is not accepted by the Valoratutalento.com Artists Committee, you will be notified via email.

Authenticity of the work put up for sale

Valoratutalento.com performs a work of intermediation between the buyer and the seller. The Valoratutalento.com intermediation system guarantees the purchase and sale in a reliable environment for both parties, providing the buyer with assurances about the authenticity of the work of interest

Obligations of the artist / exhibitor.

  1. Not to put the work for sale outside of Valoratutalento.com in more advantageous conditions, and not to close agreements for the sale of works outside the site with buyers who have seen the work in Valoratutalento.com. In the case of receiving an offer, the Artist / exhibitor must refer the interested parties to Valoratutalento.com to carry out the management and closing of the sale.
  2. Be truthful in the information provided on the work put up for sale, on its technical and physical characteristics.
  3. Be responsible for the information you provide regarding the uniqueness of it.
  4. Keep updated information on the work put up for sale in terms of availability and price.
  5. Respond to the requirements that Valoratutalento.com may make on the work put up for sale in terms of expansion of information, availability of the same or processing of orders.
  6. Complete the complete and truthful form of the sale offer.
  7. Keep the work in their possession and not transfer it once the Sales Offer Form has been completed until the buyer's order is resolved positively or negatively within a maximum period of 30 days.
  8. Maintain the total price that you have indicated until the completion of the sale process, regardless of the fluctuations that the transport price may have, or any other reason that could affect the final price set by the seller.
  9. Correctly pack the work to avoid damage during transport, committing that its physical state at the time of packaging corresponds to that shown in the image displayed on Valoratutalento.com, and send the order through a transport agency approved or recommended by Valoratutalento.com.
  10. Include the documentation required in the shipment of the work: certificate of authenticity, delivery note in accordance with the requirements of the chosen carrier, and invoice if necessary or required depending on the sender and recipient.
  11. Comply with the maximum delivery period.
  12. Know and accept the conditions for the return of works.

Price and payment form

Valoratutalento must provide the buyer with the total price of the sale, including transport and, where appropriate, taxes and duties.

Payment method with the Artist / exhibitor

Valoratutalento.com will pay the artist / exhibitor the total price of the sale and purchase transaction, discounting the amount corresponding to the intermediation that consists of bank charges, taxes according to the chosen mode of income and commissions agreed in advance of 50% or more on the value suggested by the artist / exhibitor which is documented in the history or form that you filled out at the time of paying your shipment of your work through the payment purse. Valoratutalento.com will issue the payment for the total agreed upon to the artist / exhibitor for the intermediation work described in the previous point.

Transportation and maximum delivery time

The seller indicates a maximum delivery time of the order that he undertakes to fulfill. Once the order is packed and delivered to the carrier, the seller will transmit to the buyer both the locator of the shipment and the deadline set by the carrier itself for delivery.


The buyer has a period of 7 days from the receipt of the work that the seller has available in the previous link, and that he must read, understand and that he expressly accepts without reservation.


In the event that the artist / exhibitor has been chosen by the Valoratutalento.com Selection Committee to upload their works to the Virtual Gallery, they must previously send this PDF signed via email to: eliseo@valoratutalento.com

If these obligations are breached, Valoratutalento.com reserves the right, regardless of the legal actions that may correspond.