Frequent questions

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What are my benefits of being on the site?
  • You will have the possibility to visualize your talent
  • You will have the possibility to sell your works and exhibit them in virtual galleries and physical galleries (if applicable)
  • You will be evaluated by artists, specialists, dealers and curators of international level.
  • If your score is good, you will have your own representative to sell all your collections.
  • You will be in the most creative book distributed by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world (
How do I submit my talent?
Entering our site, option 'submit talent', following the instructions indicated there.
What is the 'income credit'?
The payment of income is the value that you have to credit for each shipment of your works to The subscription (USD 10) is paid for each shipment. The subscription covers administrative, membership and advertising expenses.
What happens after I submit my talent?
A group of specialists will be dedicated to observing it carefully and will score it. They will send you the return via email as soon as possible.
If my talent obtained between 8 and 10 points, how to continue?
You will be invited to enter the virtual gallery and our physical galleries (if applicable). To do this, an acceptance email will be sent to you along with a representation contract. You will be able to participate in the “premium” membership.
What benefits do I get from a 'premium' membership within the portal as a talented artist?
If the Selection Committee considers that your score is between 8 and 10, you will be invited into the portal having some benefits as a premium artist: o You can upload up to 30 works at no extra cost for 6 months. O On the flap of your window, you will be recognized as a premium artist.
What happens when my work is published on the platform?
As long as your work is published will have the rights to market it according to the price previously agreed upon by prior agreement.
How will they sell my works? will be the ideal online platform to market your works. Through exclusively digital collections or as a complement to physical ones, this unlimited and permanently connected exhibition space opens up new possibilities to make your works known all over the world. It also has the support of the Community of Creative Entrepreneurs of Eliseo with hundreds of companies and investors.
Who puts the price on my works? will be in charge of setting the price for your work. You can accept or reject our representation before publication.
What happens when a work of my authorship is sold?
When the sale is completed, you will be paid the money agreed in advance in less than seven business days.
How do we secure our relationship?
Agreements, terms and conditions are agreed so that is your representative during the entire exhibition process of the work. When the sale is finalized, both parties will receive their profits.
What happens if someone wants to buy my work while it is published in the galleries?
Before uploading your work to the virtual gallery, you will have to sign an agreement with If someone is interested in acquiring your work while it is in the virtual gallery, the buyer should be referred to the Commercial Department of to manage the sale.
Should I bring the works before selling them?
Only if you are selected to exhibit in physical galleries (between 8 to 10 points)
Will my works exhibited in physical galleries be safe?
Yes, we have 24 hour surveillance.
What is the cost of shipping?
The shipping cost will be according to distances, insurance, size of the work, weight and tariffs according to place of origin and destination.


“” is a tribute
to talents that stray from the mundane.
Isn't it better to fall into the hands

an artist than into the clutches of a mediocre one?
The world of the mediocre is jaded,
the old and the new:
they are shallow seas! ..
They are not clean enough either.
'Let's not launch our nets to its waters!'
If you want pearls, go sailing
with .
There are still many unexplored paths
and a thousand hidden islands of life.
From there come winds with fascinating secrets.
In truth, art will be from today on a healing space!
Its perfume brings health -and a new hope!
will help you change crying for laughter.
Magnifying the small they increase the scarce.
You will see the simplicity in the complicated,
and you will find greatness in the little things.
... This portal will give you the secret passage
to reach the most guarded hearts.

is not something that can be found in any window ... if this were so, he would have died before he was born.
We are fighters who do not intend to win.
... 'We just want you to enjoy yourself.'

Eliseo Castellano: Creative, Plastic Artist, Writer and Founder of the Community of Creative Entrepreneurs around the World.

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